John Korea Ltd.
( Ex, Chung Chung World Ltd.)
 Kwanak P.O. Box 117,
Seoul, 151-600, Korea
Fax: +82(Korea)-2-887-5282
Phone (Cell): +82-11-9876-5191
<<< Warning >>>
All of our emails sent to were
(are) not delivered.
Please do not use any email address at .
Dear E-mail writers,
For better Communication and File ( email) management (or Filing), please be kind to write ( put) the following
things under SUBJECT of your email.
  1) Your Company name & Personal name for filing or future searching to reply( contact)  
  2) Country ( or address) for our quotations of freight (postage)  
  3) Fax No ( for the case E-mail system does not work owing to Technical problems or Virus,
or we delete your emails by mistake after having read them before replying )
  4) Items you are interested in : If possible, please be sure to write under SUBJECT in your e-mail.  

5) Date : It would be very much appreciated if you write (for example) 040128 as 2004, Jan 28
after your company name or personal name at the beginng of Subject.

For example, Johnkorea Ltd-040128-USA-NewYork RE Prebonde Hair-xxx(your name)-yyyy@yyy
(your email address).
Then, I am sure to know it is not spam mail, and I can put ( save,store) your emails into our file server (computor)
for easy & fast searching them to see what we have mailed in the future.


Otherwise, we may delete your e-mails regarding them as Spam mails, or emails with Virus as checking hundreds emails
quickly for a short time.

Meanwhile, Emails can not be delivered owing to some technical reasons, or by mistake which you or we do not know of.
In that case, we'd better use FAX for important message.

Thank you in advance.

John Yim